Thursday, November 22, 2012

Boots, Booties, Tall Boots, Ankle Boots, Heel Boots, Rain Boots, etcetcetc.

Tory Burch "Riding Boots."
I can bet you that the majority of the people that
buys these boots do not use them to ride horses.

Les puedo apostar que la mayoría de las personas que compran
estas botas no las usan para montar caballos.
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In my opinion, this is a must-always-have-in-my-closet

En mi opinion, este es un debo-siempre-tener-en-mi-closet par
de zapatos.
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Because we all know that "Glitter does not goes with
casual" is bull&*#$.

Porque todos sabemos que "Brillo no va con casual" es
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I call these the goes-with-everything shoes.

Yo llamo a estos los van-con-todo zapatos.
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Wee all need burgundy and Chloe in our lives.

Todos necesitamos vinotinto y Chloe en nuestras vidas.
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If I had the biggest personality, I would wear these naked.

Si tuviera una enorme personalidad, usaria estos desnuda.
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Marc by Marc Jacobs RaInBoOtS.

Marc by Marc Jacobs BoTaS dE lLuViA
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So, when you don't know what to put on, you put these on.

Cuando no sabes que ponerte, te pones estos zapatos.
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It is necessary to have a pair of patent attention-seeker
Dr. Martens boots in your closet.

Es necesario tener un par de llama-la-atención Dr. Martens botas patentes
en tu closet.
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Because why not? It's always good to have a
hipster must-have item in your closet.

Por que porque no? Siempre es bueno tener un par zapatos
hipsters en tu closet.
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Stuart Weitzman. Simple but very very

Stuart Weitzman. Simple pero muy muy
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There is no doubt whatsoever that women have a thing for shoes. But now, there seems to be a huge thing for boots. I live in Florida, and I keep seeing people with tall boots in the middle of the summer, which is genius. I'm a big sucker for winter in summer and summer in winter. When its summer I feel like wearing scarfs and beanies and boots. And in winter I feel like wearing floral dresses with sandals or flats. But this winter I just feel like wearing boots. So, for this post I am going to share with you all my must have boots for this winter, and probably next year's summer too...

No hay duda alguna que las mujeres tienen algo por zapatos. Pero ahora parece haber una gran obsesión por botas. Yo vivo en Florida, y cada dia sigo viendo personas con botas altas en la mitad de verano, lo cual me parece genio. Yo soy una de esas personas que les encanta usar ropa de verano en invierno y ropa de invierno en verano. Cuando es verano quiero usar bufandas y gorros y botas. Y cuando es invierno quiero usar vestidos de flores con sandalias o zapatillas. Pero este invierno quiero usar botas todo el tiempo. Asi que para este post voy a compartir con ustedes mi lista de must-have botas para este invierno. Y probablemente para el verano del año que viene...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Haven't been on for a while! There was a lot going on but I'm back now. I'll post the posts that I promised and I hope I can get more suggestions for you guys :). Happy Thanksgiving btw. Much love for all of you. This is my outfit for the family dinner, how's yours? I'd love to see it :).