Thursday, October 24, 2013


Well, first of all, I went to Caracas, Venezuela. (my home and native country)

I got to see this every morning (El Avila):

While being in Venezuela, I did a lot of things.

I went to this really cool art place for the first time:

(This wall was entirely painted with sharpies)

I dressed up as a boy...

I went to Puerto La Cruz, a really beautiful place in Venezuela.

The view from my hotel room:

And we found this little guy while swimming:

This picture was literally how sunsets were, there's no filter. A genuine pink sunset.

Then I dyed my hair with pink chalk (me and my friends had nothing better to do)

I went to what would have been my brother's graduation in our school in Venezuela (I choose the picture where he's himself the most):

And I spent a lot of days in my school because its like a second home to me and it's absolutely a beautiful place:

And mainly I spent time with my friends...

Then, after a long two months spent in was time for me to go. So I spent my last night in Caracas drinking tequila on fire with my friends:

And then my best friend went to the airport with me to keep me company before I left:

After Venezuela came NY. The thing about this day was that I was first going to Miami and then from there to NY, but for some inexplicable reason, I lost my flight to NY and they put me on the next flight, which was at 5:00pm, and I was supposed to get to NY at 9:00am. So I was pretty upset and spent at least 30min trying to explain through sobs what had happened to my mom over the phone, while she was in Venezuela. So I spent the whole day at the airport, which I honestly didn't mind at all because I love airports. I changed to my pijamas and I took over a little corner near my flight door just incase. When I got into the plane, I had a nice old couple sitting with me that were very polite, and I mostly read the whole flight, but I also took some incredible pictures (I'm obsessed with clouds and I always have to sit in the window sit in airplanes):

And then...I was in NY.

That day I probably walked 40 blocks or more, and I didn't even realize it until I started to get hungry and I saw the hour. I'd been walking since 6:00pm and it was already 10 minutes to 11, so it was time to get back home, and I was staying in New Jersey...

The next day I went to the Statue of Liberty and pretty much spent the whole day there: 

And the other days I just explored NY, and I obviously feel absolutely in love with it.

I went to MoMa:

Ate Macaroons for the first time with my friend:

And then...we met Rebecca Minkoff 

And she took this photo of us (we taught her how to use panorama, btw):

After five days in NY, my feet couldn't resist anything anymore. I had never walked so much in my entire life, and in this picture it doesn't even look as bad as it was, and I had them all over my feet:

This was my last day in beautiful NYC :(...the good thing was that my friend was waiting for me in Miami:

We spent eight days together and then she had to leave :( other best friend came two weeks after she left, so vacations weren't over for me yet:

And we spent a day at Wow Factory (which was pretty cool and we were the only ones over 10 years old):

And then she had to leave :( and my vacation was officially over:

So I had an amazing time! I spent two months in my favorite place in the world, my home, Venezuela. I went out a lot with my friends from there and I also got to do my confirmation with them which was awesome! Then I got to go to NY which was on the top of my bucket list since I was a little girl and I'm pretty sure I went to absolutely every corner of it. Afterwards I had two of my best friends over in my house and even though I had school, it was still great and we got to do a lot of things and I escaped from reality a little bit longer than expected. I missed posting things on the blog though, and I definitely want to keep up with it and start posting more things!

I hope you enjoy seeing a little part of my journey this summer, and I hope all of you had amazing summers as well!


So its been quite a while since I posted anything on the blog, and I have a very reasonable excuse... Since I went to Venezuela to spend my whole summer vacations there, I didn't really have time to post because I was hardly in my house or using a computer, and my phone didn't work there. So I couldn't post anything over the summer. Then, before returning to FL, I went to NY for the first time in my life, and because I was so overwhelmed by my excitement during the whole trip, I didn't have time to blog either. Then, after probably one of the most incredible vacations of my life, I come home with the desire of writing all about it to you and showing you some awesome pictures I took, and then...I realize I forgot my password. So I make another blog ( and today when I logged into the computer to update that blog, this account was suddenly logged in and I was so happy! I was starting to become frustrated about the other blog because I liked my original name and I didn't know what to put in it so I'm pretty glad I got to recuperate this one! And since I have a lot to fill you in, I might as well stay up all night posting all the things I've missed so far!