Friday, April 12, 2013


The "royal hats" as they are mostly known, because they are mostly worn by royalty on weddings or royal events, or people that has a lot of money, like Victoria Beckham. Are extremely weird and odd looking and I still don't understand how most of them can be called a "hat" when they don't even cover the face from the sun... As I am informed by my years of education, the word hat means head covering, and some of these insane "hats" are everything but covering the head.
Though I find these "hats" odd and awful looking, I think they're awesome, and the royalty are surely the right one's to be using them because it's probably the craziest thing a royal person ever does.
I would totally wear one on my wedding, though I'm not a royal member :(...

Cigarettes... do they make us look sexy?

I have come to notice that when there's a cigarette involved in a picture the picture becomes a lot hotter than it would originally be without it. I think that cigarettes are used to add sexiness to a photo, given the fact that a lot of the celebrities that appear in a photo shoot with a posing cigarettes don't actually smoke. Said that, I do believe that cigarettes give a sense of odd sexiness to a picture. I personally am a big fan of odd pictures, but the typical cigarette picture never fails to look attractive.


I have never felt so exited about learning the name of a designer. Normally I just google the person and see his/her collections and learn about them. But I had seen Karla's designs before and never knew who the designer was, and I think it was the highlight of my week to finally find her. She's australian... She's a genius...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Olivia Palermo.
Get the looks! (or at least as similar as possible).

Sunglasses - Coat - Shirt - Belt - Pants (same) - Shoes - Clutch

Hat - Coat - Pants - Boots (same)

Coat - Dress - Clutch - Heels


The 20 year old actress is looking sexier every day.
There are a lot of theory's on her sudden sexier image. Some say that she's dressing sexier because of her break up with Justin Bieber. I, personally, think that she is evolving. A lot of actresses that come from Disney are criticized because of the works they do after their Disney careers end. Selena by far has been a pretty respectable person. With her new movie Spring Breakers, which was definitely a controversy, she has demonstrated us that she is capable of being Selena, and not a Disney actress.
I think it's great to see her getting more confident in her own skin. She looks stunning.